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April 19 -26, 2005.


When I was putting this page together I got a call from Bob Harp. He informed me that Ron Tse had passed away and asked me if I had any photos of Ron. I remember shooting photos of Ron Tse in the past, but with over 5,000 negatives and prints in my collection, I was unable to find them after searching for three hours. I would like to dedicate this new Veterans web page to Ron Tse.
Ron worked at Veterans Cab for 27 years as a radio dispatcher. He was the best radio dispatcher at Veterans/Arrow Cab, and maybe even in the city. Even on a busy Friday night he was able to be friendly and courteous to both the customers and drivers even as the phones were ringing off the hook and the drivers were driving him nuts with stupid questions.
I have been with Veteran's Cab for over 23 years now. I didn't know Ron well at first, but in the last decade we got closer. I would go into the office while waiting for a cab and chat with Bobby Harp and Ron. Ron knew that I liked watching movies and television and we would have these great talks about what would happen next on "The Sopranos."
The following photographs are from the place that Ron worked - the people and friends he worked with at Veterans Cab. Everyone I know liked Ron. He will surely be missed. Thanks Ron for being patient with me at times and for being a friend. I'll miss you! And I'm sure everyone who knew you at Veterans will miss you also. Farewell friend.

I bought my Nikon D70 on Monday night April 18. The next day I had to go to work. My first oppurtunity to use my new camera was at the Veterans/Arrow Taxi garage. So here are the best of those photos shot in one week. These have been edited down from about 100 images.

Arrow1A (86K) Veterans/Arrow Cab moved to its current location in January 2004.

Arrow1 (68K) Owners Tyler Speck and his grandmother Mary Speck take time out of their busy day to take a photograph together.

Arrow2 (76K) Bill Skiff appears to be having fun counting money.

Arrow3 (72K) Bobby Harp shoots a rubberband at the camera.

Arrow4 (62K) Driver George waits for his cab.

Arrow5 (67K) Hey, it's driver Francisco Vieira.

Arrow6 (83K) Sam the gas man laughs. Hey, what's so funny?

Arrow7 (76K) At 1:45 p.m. each day is the lottery for the extra drivers. Hey, what number did you get?

Arrow8 (65K) Hey, it's Eric, the radio dispatcher.

Arrow9 (75K) Bill Klein works on the vouchers.

Arrow10 (62K) It's Tyler Speck (left) and John Fitzinger.

Arrow11 (70K) John makes change for driver Jeff.

Arrow12 (72K) Larry Mitchell works on the radio at nights. That's Alicia behind him.

Arrow13 (60K) Cab driver Alicia after work one night.

Arrow14 (67K) John is the night gas man.

Arrow15 (82K) It's Tom (left) and Gary after work on a Friday night.

Arrow16 (67K) Gary Sharp waits at the window to pay his gas and gates.

Arrow17 (76K) Jesse hangs out in the waiting room.

Arrow18 (76K) I couldn't decide which shot of Jesse to use, so here's the second one.

Arrow19 (76K) Hey, what's up Joe?.

Arrow20 (80K) Steve Phillips works the window on a Saturday night.

Arrow21 (74K) Arturo (left) gets change from Steve.

Arrow22 (79K) Cabs line up outside the building on a Saturday evening waiting to gas up.

Arrow23 (75K) It's that friendly driver Oliver.

Arrow24 (91K) Sunday day drivers shoot some pool before going to work.

Arrow25 (69K) Hey, it's that drive Da Silva

Arrow26 (66K) Ron Wolter has been with Veteran's Cab for over 20 years.

Arrow27 (75K) It's David the mechanic.

Arrow28 (75K) Hey, what's everyone doing in the office?

Arrow29 (78K) Luiz Sousa shoots a game of pool after the afternoon lottery, while Stan watches.

Arrow29A (73K) Paul multi-tasks at Veterans. When he not working on accident reports, he works as the radio dispatcher on weekends.

Arrow30 (70K) And now a word from Tyler.

Arrow32 (89K) Well, that's all Jack!

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