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My Very First Photos,
Dec. 1960, Feb. 1961,

  I received a Kodak Brownie camera from my parents for Christmas 1960. I was nine years old. Although I do not have all the original negatives, I do have most of my original prints. I do not believe the photos in this group are great, but they are significant because they are the first photographs I ever shot. Looking back, I realize I always photographed people. I did not go out and shoot buildings or scenic shots - I almost always photographed people - even at nine years old.

first4751 (26K)
This is only one of two photos that I could find from my first roll of film from December 1960. It appears that my father Philip Gangi Sr. is carving a turkey.

first4752 (35K)
The other photo that survived from this first shoot is a photo of my brother Tommy playing with one of his Christmas toys.

first4753 (27K)
The following photos are all from February 1960. The above portrait is my Aunt Virginia, my dad's sister.

first4754 (39K)
A portrait of my first girlfriend Stephanie DiCapua.

first2701 (13K)
In an out of focus photo, my brother Michael (right) stands with his friend Mark.

first2702 (15K) My girlfriend Stephanie (right) with her sister Judy and brother Peter.

first2703 (13K) Stephanie throws a snowball at the camera.

first2704 (9K) A photo taken in front of the Museum of Natural History in New York City on a school field trip.

first2705 (13K) A dinosaur at the museum.

first2706 (16K) An exhibit at the museum.

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